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Citra Solv Concentrated Cleaner & Degreaser Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

The PH on Citra Solv is - Neutral range.

No, it is not acetic.

While Citra Solv is below the threshold and can make a non-toxic claim, we avoid this as nothing is truly non-toxic.

No animal testing.  We are a cruelty free company and do not test on animals.

Yes.  Please be sure to wait until the surfaces have been rinsed and dried before pets return.  Also not recommended for use on litter boxes as the strong citrus smell can make cats stay away.

Yes, Citra Solv is proudly made in the USA using globally sourced materials.

The shelf life is 5 years from date of manufacturing. There is a Julian code on the back of the bottle (first 2 numbers are the year/the next 3 numbers are the day) that indicates the day it was made.

We use a variety of natural based surfactants (cleaning agents) in our products. Our suppliers use a variety of sources, but we do request our suppliers to purchase only RSPO palm oil. (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil ) RSPO is currently the only organization able to regulate an industry that poses the greatest threat to orangutan populations in the wild.

Cleaning Questions

Yes, but use spot test first to make sure that it does not stain. Even though they claim to be sealed, sometimes they aren’t fully-sealed and it can stain.

It can be used on sealed wood only and is not recommended for food contact surfaces. Depending on the type of sealant, we recommend spot testing first.

Leather is usually dyed. Citra Solv may remove the color from leather. Additionally, the required rinsing with water to remove Citra Solv could darken the object.  It is therefore recommended that you test first on an out of the way place prior to using widespread.

As a general rule, we recommend rinsing with water.

Yes, it is a great laundry booster and a pre-spotter to remove stains.  Always check for color fastness first. See our stain chart for types of stains.

Yes, it removes adhesives, gum, tar, wax and more.  (You should test in an inconspicuous place
with plastics.) 

See our stain chart for tips on how to use.

Yes, it works great in removing oil-based paints. You can even use it to clean your brushes and tools, too!

Yes, it works great for removing sap. For directions on how to use, please go to the Garage & Beyond drawdown section on our Cleaning Tips page.

It is not recommended for food contact surfaces. The smell of product if left behind may transfer to foods.

The EPA regulates disinfectant claims. To date we have not performed the rigorous testing and therefore cannot make any claims.

We do not recommend mixing with anything other than water.

No. You would need an acetic product for this and Citra Solv is not acetic.

Avoid polystyrene and plastics with a high sheen.  Spot test in an inconspicuous place; you will be looking for softening of plastic, marring, etc.

We do not test for this use.

Additional Questions

Yes!  All our packaging is completely recyclable, and we are constantly researching to make sure we have the highest standard for the amount of recycled and recyclable materials used in our packaging.

Citra Solv is the first natural solvent to utilize the juice of citrus peels, known as D-Limonene, without adding any cheap fillers or water. This makes it one of the strongest yet safest cleaners available for consumer use.

Citra Solv is unlike many other Citrus cleaners because it has NO PETROLEUM DISTILATES or Water, which means it is at least 5 to 10 times stronger.